Rocna 33 on Robert C's 31 foot Sailboat

For years I used a 33 lb Bruce on my 31 foot sailboat.  Late last year we changed to a  32 foot 15000 pound trawler. 
 With my Bruce I had at times to set and re-set in order to get a good hold.  As a result, I got into habit of powering back to set the anchor to have set quickly or not.
The trawler came with the knock off version of the Bruce.  I dumped the knock off plow as I did not care for its construction. I then bought a Rocna 33. 
Recently at an anchorage, I followed my old habit of power backing down.  This time I did it  with my new Rocna 33.  The anchor set and held so quickly in a sandy clay bottom that it caught me off guard.  

Additionally, due to deteriorating weather/sea conditions we veered as much 150 degrees all through the night.  The anchor never lost its set.  I always match my anchor alarm distance with the length of my all chain rode and the alarm never went off.