From Tasha H., Rocna 20 on Catalina 34 survives Hurricane Sandy

I'm writing because my husband and I are new to the cruising lifestyle, having left New York City on our Catalina 34 back in October. On our way down, we started losing faith in our Danforth-style anchor and wanted to get a much better anchor to use in the Bahamas and beyond.

We did a lot of research on modern anchors, which I wrote about here.

And the Rocna 20 came up as the top winner. So, we bought it and have survived Hurricane Sandy with it, a good number of Noreasters and we've never dragged - our anchor is as solid as a rock. We love it.

Thanks so much and thanks for making a great anchor.


Tasha H.
s/v Hideaway
Currently in St. Augustine, Florida