From Jessica & Matt J., Rocna 25 on Sabre 34 Targa

I would personally like to thank you for making a product that saved our boat today.  My husband and I live on our Sabre 34 Targa and have taken from Lake Michigan on a journey to the Caribbean which we are still en route to.  Knowing that we'd be anchored out 98% of the time we chose your Rocna 25.  We know this is an anchor that is rated for a much larger boat than ours but we knew the Rocna 25 would give us peace of mind at night and we can only sing our praises on how well it has worked.  It always sets on the first try and we sleep peacefully through the night without any movement or dragging.  We even used it to secure ourselves in a creek during Hurricane Sandy and had no worries about if it would fail.  We praise your name to all our fellow boaters and are so happy that we switched over from our Manson Supreme that we had been using until this spring.

Today was an unfortunate day for our boat and as we were trying to navigate the tricky entrance at the St. Augustine Inlet in Florida we ran our boat aground in 8 foot breaking waves and were stuck there for two hours until both Tow Boat US and the local search and rescue team were able to pull us off and get us back to safety.  The strong waves were brutally pushing us into shore and had we not dropped our Rocna which held us into place until the tow lines could be secured we would have lost our boat for sure.  Your anchor, along with the great people at Tow Boat US and search and rescue, they deserve credit as well, is the one thing that saved our boat from washing up on shore and becoming a wreck, ending our dreams to keep traveling.  We can not thank you enough for making a product that is so uncomplicated, sturdy, reliable...the list goes on.

And lastly, thank you to Rocna Anchors. Without your reliable anchor that we have trusted since the beginning of this trip, we surely would have lost our boat to the smashing waves of the inlet before rescue could make it out to us.  You make a remarkable product that all boaters would be wise to take advantage of.

I can't stress enough the importance of  your anchor in saving our boat from a certain demise on the beach.  In fact, I would feel much safer cruising if I knew that every other boat around me was anchoring with a Rocna.  We would  never have to wonder if they were going to drag into us during the night... sell a ton of them please!

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