The Rocna® Fisherman - Rock & Reef Retrievable

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Designed as a specialist anchor for fishermen and divers who re-anchor frequently during the day, the Rocna Fisherman features a shackle rail for easier recovery of a fouled anchor.


Choose the Rocna Fisherman:

  • For smaller boats that re-anchor frequently.
  • For easier anchor retrieval in difficult conditions.
  • For day trips rather than extended cruising.


Finish: Galvanized

Sizes: 9lb & 13lb (4kg & 6kg)


The Rocna Fisherman offers two modes:

Retrievable mode - using the shackle rail, for use when you believe the anchor is likely to become fouled (not to be used for overnight anchoring or if the boat is to be left unattended).

Secure mode - using the secure attachment point designed for overnight anchoring.


Features of the Rocna FISHERMAN :

  1. The shackle rail allows you to retrieve the anchor from the opposite direction if the anchor becomes fouled.
  2. Secure attachment point.

Fitting a Rocna FISHERMAN
Anchor System Academics by Tom Nelson


Note: We don't recommend drill the Rocna to match the holes on the Lewmar roller due to loss of strength and galvanizing protection. A Better solution would have been to drill the SS bow roller to match the hole in the Rocna. At a minimum, users need to repair the area with galvanizing spray, although that will wear out over time. Multiple coats of Zinga in the area would be the best, next to re-galvanizing.