Independent Testing & Reviews

Rocna 20 on a Back Cove 37
November, 2015

We were highly satisfied with the performance of the 20 kg / 44 Lbs Rocna Anchor on our Back Cove 37. Fit launch and retrieval were flawless with no modifications to the stock windlass, platform, or roller.

Sailing 6250 miles from Newfoundland to Alaska using a Vulcan 33
December, 2015

Arctic Tern, a Bruce Roberts 434, recently complete the North West Passage, sailing 6250 miles from Newfoundland to Alaska using a Vulcan 33 as their primary anchor. 

Taking the Vulcan out for a Spin
June, 2016

The Vulcan is the latest addition to the modern scoop type anchors and has been tested and reviewed by many experienced sailors. Incorporating elements from several of its forebears, Peter Smith (originator or the Rocna) designed it specifically for larger powerboats, which have hitherto often been unable to accommodate a modern scoop type anchor. One factor that made the Rocna difficult to use on some boats was its roll bar. This was to facilitate the anchor orientating itself correctly when it landed on the bottom.

Magazine Voor Zeilers
May, 2007

Anchors, or the advantages and disadvantages of the various types, are rather a popular subject. After our attention on the remarkable Hydrobubble option, we were pointed by several readers to the Rocna anchor. The concept has been designed by a New Zealand yachtie, and therefore is subject to a lot of experience and expertise. 

Yachting Monthly
December, 2006

How do you choose an anchor? Are you looking for a ‘lunch hook’ or heavy-duty hardware on which you can stake your life – and your H yacht – when a storm blows up and turns the anchorage into a maelstrom? Holding Power
October, 2006

West Marine’s line-up of fourteen anchors included several anchors that are just copies and/or variations of other types. Such copies present concerning the West Marine / SAIL testing a tempting option, since they are usually cheaper than the genuine article. However, when a copier makes his imitation, he has two options. 

Passage Maker : Tweaking the Beast
June, 2006

It’s been three years since we launched Growler, So over this season, I decided to try a couple of new our 36-foot lobster boat. We’ve taken her to the products and update some equipment already on board.

Boating New Zealand: Gear Test
June, 2006

Long distance cruiser and boat builder Peter Smith designed the Rocna anchor, then tested a 50Kg prototype on his yacht, Kiwi Roa, during a circumnavigation of New Zealand. I borrowed a 25Kg version for my 12 metre Ganley cutter over the summer.

Professional Skipper
February, 2006

Many sailors will remember Peter Smith as the founding partner of Cavalier Yachts from the days when New Zealand was still building production yachts. In the 20 or so years since then he has delivered yachts and built boats all over the world. An issue that always arose was the choice of anchor, with both clients and friends complaining about each anchor’s peculiarities.