Independent Testing & Reviews

Sea Spray Magazine: Holding Fast
May, 2005

Peter, the founding partner of New Zealand’s Cavalier Yachts basck in the 70’s, has returned to New Zealand after 20 years of professional sailing, yacht deliveries, and boat-building all over the world, including 10 years running his own yard in Colchester, England, where his current boat Kiwi Roa was built.

Passagemaker Magazine: In the City of Sails
May, 2005

The Boeing 747 landed in the predawn darkness, after a late evening takeoff from Los Angeles International two days before. With the combination of crossing the international date line, a night landing toward the extreme southern end of the globe, and the fact that it was the first day of winter in June — I was definitely in touch with being somewhere different.

Boating New Zealand : Review by Steve Dashew
September, 2005

I assured Steve Dashew, American yacht designer, author and long time ocean cruiser, that I would be fine. He double-checked. I’ll be fine, I told him. Fine. I was telling myself that this was a fantastic opportunity: to accompany Steve and Linda Dashew on a rough-water sea trial of their first motoryahct, the 83ft Wind Horse.