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I love this anchor. Have a 15 kg on a 32 GB and it is by far the best anchor I have had compared to CQR and Bruce type. Sets quickly and holds well at 3:1, a necessity in crowded anchorages. Go to 5:1 in heavy blow. Has never pulled out and self launches when anchoring.

- Tim from Seattle


Marc is the owner of a Nordhavn 47 with a 70kg Rocna on it - a displacement of 90,000+ lbs. He relies on using the Rocna for all his sailing adventures around the world. Marc says:

"We've only used the anchor a mere 3 times but it grabbed and set every single one of those times. I thank Rocna for coming up with a anchor that you could sleep with, without having to worry you're going drag and end up on a shoal or aground. We did a lot of looking and reading. Every time, we ended up coming back to you guys at Rocna."


I have referred to the Rocna many times as ‘my rock’. It has never failed us and holds in all the grounds into which we have lowered it. I think of it as the most trusty and reliable thing on the boat with the exception of the captain who is not a thing. I said “if I can’t count on my rock, my Rocna, I don’t know if I can continue on with this cruising life. Period. ...The Rocna Rocks.

--- Cassie A.


When we lift our anchor I always watch her all the way up and signal to Paul when she’s parked  but take a look a the attached photo of our ‘attachment’ - and even with the mollusc firmly planted on the sharp end, our trusty Rocna still set and held fast!  


When cruising is your passion
You need to be quite strong
You need to be determined cus
Quite often things go wrong