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Why We Love Our Rocna.

We live in Southern California and keep our 48 foot Cal 1966 classic boat in Ventura Harbor. Those of us who live here are lucky enough to have 2 of the 7 Channel Islands fairly close to us so we sail out and anchor along shore enjoying the natural hiking and wildlife the islands have. There is a nature preserve all around the islands so everything grows naturally.


Craig T. runs Torckler Marine Services and imports to New Zealand the popular Australian Black Watch launches. He also manages for its owners the 62' motor-yacht Kialoa.

Kialoa used to have a Manson plough which frequently gave problems. After hearing about the Rocna, Craig replaced it with a Rocna of the same weight. A year later, we received, completely unsolicited, the letter below, which is reproduced with permission.


It had been a rough night on the hook, a really rough night.  The next day friends asked how we sleep when it's so rough out there.  I responded that I slept like a baby. I woke up every five minutes and cried. The truth is I have never slept better since switching to the one anchor I swore I would never use.


It is difficult to imagine a coastal navigation that is more dependent on the excellence of an anchor than that practiced in the extreme south. Georgia, Sandwich, Orkney and South Shetland Islands all have in common the terrible gusts down their slopes do; more terrain seems to offer protection, the more violent "williwaw" (and I speak not of "Katabatic" winds that had nothing see the inside) during the frequent passages of depression.


Dear Rocna and Marineware Asia,

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Bob Mott of Marineware Asia based in Phuket.

My boat, ‘Outsider’, based in Hong Kong, the anchor having jagged a communication cable and requiring me to cut it away, required a new one fairly hastily to ensure continued ops of our charter service.