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Dear Rocna,

We just want to say thank you for such an amazing anchor!  We have traveled more than 30,000 miles using our Bulwagga and CQR, and after only a month of anchoring with our 121 lb Rocna, the difference is quite apparent.


Superb Rocna anchors fitted to all yachts operated by Nisos Yacht Charter in the Ionian Islands, Greece

Over the years we have tried pretty much every anchor available on our fleet in the Ionian.  We rely on anchors heavily in the Ionian as most mooring is stern to, so it is of paramount importance that our yachts are fitted with the very best anchor possible - to make your holiday enjoyable and to keep the yacht safe!

We have settled on one clear winner - and that is the ROCNA anchor.


I wanted to share an email with you that we sent to our friends and family while we were cruising from Miami, FL to St Thomas, Virgin Islands when we were attacked by Hurricane Sandy with recorded winds of 126 mph on the bow of our boat while we held fast with our 40 kg Rocna anchor.  Below is an accounting of what happened and how great our Rocna anchor performed.


I would personally like to thank you for making a product that saved our boat today.  My husband and I live on our Sabre 34 Targa and have taken from Lake Michigan on a journey to the Caribbean which we are still en route to.  Knowing that we'd be anchored out 98% of the time we chose your Rocna 25.  We know this is an anchor that is rated for a much larger boat than ours but we knew the Rocna 25 would give us peace of mind at night and we can only sing our praises on how well it has worked.


In September 2011, a supposedly secure bay in Ionian Greece was hit by a freak weather event described as a "microburst" after the fact. The sailing club in the bay recorded a peak wind strength of 95 knots, winds that beached and destroyed many boats. A catamaran, also secure at anchor on a Rocna, was even flipped in the water - fortunately without serious injury to the onboard owners.


Ethel's experiences