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With regard our recent sail from France to Croatia we arrived in Dubrovnik in the dark after being greeted 20 miles out by a very nasty storm. After checking in with the Harbourmaster and immigration police we were told we couldn’t stay on the jetty - and were asked to leave. We were aware of an island close by that had a bay which would afford some protection from the SE winds (BURA wind - up to 60 knots).

After arriving in the bay in hail and sleet and anchoring successfully my wife checked the details of the bay and discovered the bottom had a poor hold.


I'm writing because my husband and I are new to the cruising lifestyle, having left New York City on our Catalina 34 back in October. On our way down, we started losing faith in our Danforth-style anchor and wanted to get a much better anchor to use in the Bahamas and beyond.

We did a lot of research on modern anchors, which I wrote about here.


American cruising guru Steve Dashew was interested in new generation anchors, and bought a Rocna for his new 83' ocean-going motoryacht Wind Horse. The anchor is a custom built 115 kg (254 lb) model, and is all but identical to our 110 design (a few changes were made to accomodate the bow on Wind Horse, at Steve's request).


Dutch couple Marianne and Paul W. have been cruising on their yacht since 2003, in the Mediterranean, the Netherlands, and inbetween. They are now planning to leave in 2008 on an extended cruise of 5 to 10 years, and are preparing the boat for that expedition.


The New Zealand Marauder Association has an affinity for Rocna anchors, with some of the feedback reproduced below from their newsletter. A Rocna 10 was donated as a prize for their 2006 National Championships, and the following entry is by the winner.

Report on Rocna anchor
Peter Knight, Real MacCoy

This year our Marauder Real MacCoy won the 2006 New Zealand Marauder Class National Championship and took out the Barry Olliff Trophy. Our prize for topping the National regatta was a Rocna 10 anchor.