From World Famous Sailor Jimmy Cornell, Rocna 33 on Garcia 45

Aventura is in Lancaster Sound, in Arctic Canada, at the start of the Northwest Passage. Last Thursday and Friday we had a 27 hour storm, with gusts of up to 58 knots. We were anchored in Dundas Harbour, on the south side of Devon Island in Lancaster Sound.  There were five other yachts there, all waiting for the ice situation to improve to tackle the central part of the Northwest Passage.

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Out of the six boats, three didn't drag, and two of those both have 33 kg Rocna Anchors: my own Aventura, and Silver, an Oyster 47 owned by John Andrews (UK).

I can assure you that it was one of the worst experiences in my long sailing life, made worse by the danger of being rammed by other boats dragging their anchors.